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 "White Noise" (2014) Porto 

Uma Certa Falta de Coerencia /

A Certain Lack Of Coherence (Gallery)


 Video (PAL 20 minutes) -  This VIDEO constitutes an index to a five-room exhibition space that is situated on Rua dos Caldeireiros (Street of the copper beaters in Porto). A contractor who maintains fire extinguishers, with a workshop on this street, was choreographed to enact the following:


In each gallery space he emptied a fire extinguisher with gases used in the control of electrical fires. Five actions for five rooms were edited into ‘White Noise’ and screened in a previously burnt-out room within the exhibition site.

























INSTALLATION employed stiff course textile/ material, sold only for women's underwear during the Salazar (dictatorial) rule. which closed Portugal to the outside. Chairs were sourced from the now defunct Communist Party head quaters in Porto.


Photos: Pedro Magalhães, Mark Themann

Video (Camera/Editing): Mauro Cerqueira


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