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moment to moment 1996

The Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney - Level 2 Projects


Sunlight through coloured film in light wells.

Audio in wall mounted pack packs

Audio of the artist sleeping.



Photography courtesy of AGNSW

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Metronom 1999

Museum of Installation, London


Room one of six room installation.


Room One 

Private collection of old russian alarm clock, clamped underneath metal shelving, resonating against metal. Clocks are not synched.







Room Two & Three

Audio in each bag:

Room 2:

Sound of my left foot walking

Room 3:

Sound of my right foot walking














Room Five

Double bound books:

The Book of Questions

The Book of Answers


Photography courtesy MOI 



Room Four

Two suitcases, upholstered in black velvet & low light conditions.










Pools of Memory, 

Pools of Forgetfulness 1993

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne








Photography courtesy of ACCA

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