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Repetition, 2008 


Maison Dora Maar, Ménerbes/France

greater Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur/France

Davos/ Switzerland



From twenty actions in twelve sites 

All texts: Mark Themann

In each site Themann presents a text on REPETITION, for about ten seconds at a time and holds  the blank paper up for display via the indrawn breath.


He catches the paper on the exhaling breath then reattaches it to his lips (repeats the breathing gestureof display) and presents a new text pair. 



Each text pair (REPETITION) is a duplicate of the other . Up to twenty different texts are displayed in each site and are held up in a continuous cycle for a ‘chance audience’. 


Sites range across private gardens, historic homes and commercial quarries, to remote wilderness areas.


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